This is Dynamo, a 2D platformer.

We are 4 student in Les Gobelins, a french art school in Paris, in the Interactive Digital Experiences major. 

This game was made in a 48h gamejam, theme was "Black & White".
The team is composed of 2 devs and 2 artists. it was our first gamejam. Everything is homemade (models, sprite, coding) except for a few SFX. 

The intention of the game was to recreate the feeling of the childish panic in darkness. The feeling of running to his room at night after turn the light off. 

This game is an early prototype, feel free to give feedback, comments and suggestion ! 

Thank in advance for playing, hope you enjoy it. 


Q : Move left 
S : Move right
Space : Jump 
Mouse : throw orbe (hold to throw higher), aim to cursor

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