A downloadable game for Windows

Escape from a small abandoned apartment.

 Puzzles escape-game. Made with Unreal Engine 4 & C++.

Assets coming from the   Modular Seaside Town pack from Matima studio.

Controls : 

WASD : Move
Right-Click : Grab
Escape : Exit

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Escape Game, First-Person, FPS, Short, Unreal Engine


Windows_x64.zip 834 MB


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A small peaceful puzzle game.

Here is my video of it. :)

Really cool, wish there was more!

Nice little game. The puzzles were not to hard. The atmosphere was good.

Thank you very much for your feedbacks and video that's super nice !

Such a neat little game, the puzzles were fairly simple to work out so it can appeal to all audiences, the asthetics in the game are good and the soundtrack in the background is good and adds to the atmosphere .

It would of been nice to have a little background on how you ended up on that island alone , maybe throwing in some voice acting or a narrative to fill you with a sense of purpose and means to escape.

Other than that it was an enjoyable experience , it was a shame it was not a little longer.

it is the first video featured in my compilation.

Awesome game!

If you can add a settings menu and add diffrent graphics so players on pc that cant handle it very well (like me) and that would be amaizing (bad spelling)

Interesting short lil puzzler! some rly clever puzzles here imo. i'd love to see more! especially liked the ending scene it was rly pretty eeek ;-;


That's really nice thank you, glad you liked it :) 

Great start for a game. I love puzzles and I am hoping for more. Keep it up!

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aaaaaaah how do i get out of this parment i played like 30mins but can't clear the first room jesus... goddammit i'm such a dumbass

Haha well if you need an hint : there is a paper on the table with a number. And then you should try weigh all the objects in the room to find the right combination

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Thx, only first room was hard to me. I thought 100 was correct weight lol

nice game



Really enjoyed playing this! I felt a little motion sick after a couple of minutes because of how fast the player is moving (felt like I was running the whole time). The puzzles are really fun to figure out and I loved the mechanics of this game. -Jyn_x

Thank you so much for your feedbacks. And really sorry for the motionsickness,  I'll try to make it tunable for next build, it's hard to find settings that suit every player.   

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