-- Gobal Gamen Jam 2019 --

What Home Means To You. I moved a lot of time in my life, and one thing followed me every time, it's ma gashapon collection. I keep all this plastic trash with me since my trip in Japan, there is a lot of nostalgia in it. For this game I tried to recreate the feeling of try-harding a gashapon machine in a Japanese Arcade to get the full set.

Tutorial : 

right-click : Pop a ball, it cost you 1 coin
left-click (hold) : Aim your bat
left-click (release) : Hit witch your bat in mouse direction 

You need to put the gasha in the good color. Every gasha in the wrong color give you a coin reward (1 for green, 2 for bleu and 4 for red) . 

Production :

I was alone the full gamejam. I'm an Unity developer, first time doing some game-art by my one (pixel art made with ASE-Sprite).
Full made in Unity. Everything is handmade except for sounds (get on freesound.org)

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