A downloadable game for Windows

Context : 

My entry for the Digital Art Jam #3. 
The theme was to make an interactive experience about an exposition of the Brazilian artist Erika Verzutti at Le Centre Pompidou in Paris (Feb 2019) 
I did this GameJam solo. I'm usually  an Unity Programer, but this is my first project with UE4, in order to learn new skills. Two days of work. 
Sounds Assets from freesound.org.

Intention of the game was to give an absurd answer to the Egg & Hen Paradox, create a contrast between a gloomy and a ridiculous mood for the game. 

Controls :

Move :  WASD
Look :  Mouse 

Playthrough :

Thanks 鳥の爪団 実況チャンネル  ! : 


Windows x64 411 MB


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I was very confused at the end but it was good confusion.
I love this type of graphics and silly but philosophical idea.
The contrast of the darkness and shadow was beautiful.


Very interesting game! I really enjoyed this however I didn't really understand what was going on lol 

thank you very much ! 

You nailed it. For just being a "test", the atmosphere and humor hit me hard. Loved it.


Glad you like it, thanks for your feedback and sharing :)